Veteran Chaplaincy Services, Inc.
Veterans of Faith Serving America’s Workforce


What to expect

Weekly Rounds

Chaplains make weekly rounds designed to build caring relationships that lead to a better quality of life and improved workplace experience for every employee. As the chaplain stops by each week relationships begin to form and are strengthened over time. Those relationships lead to care sessions provided by the chaplain.

Brief care sessions occur at the workplace during rounds. More comprehensive care sessions are reserved for after work hours.

Chaplain rounds are a proven way to boost morale each week, and this heightened level of morale is proven to increase productivity. 


  • Confidentiality is crucial to the success of corporate chaplaincy.

  • Employers and employees both must understand and agree that chaplains are required to keep all conversations and care sessions confidential.

  • Chaplains are in no way responsible for reporting to employers on what employees have confided in them.

  • Chaplains are committed to keeping all conversations and care sessions strictly confidential and will only violate that confidentiality if there is evidence of abuse or illegal activity.

  • Chaplains are required by law to report illegal activities including abuse. 

Permission-Based Care

It is important to remember that chaplains make weekly rounds and build relationships upon permission from the employer to spend a few minutes each week with the employee while “on the clock.” It is important to remember that chaplains build relationships upon permission from the employee to discuss personal and or spiritual matters. Chaplains do not force anyone to discuss things they are uncomfortable with, and they are not aggressive in evangelism.It is important to remember that chaplains are different than pastors. While pastors focus on preaching and church activities, chaplains focus on friendships, relationships, and caring for the personal needs of everyone including people from all types of faith or religion or no religion at all.

Chaplains serve everyone on a needs and permission basis.