Veteran Chaplaincy Services, Inc.
Veterans of Faith Serving America’s Workforce


$19-$29 / month

What do employees get?

  • Guaranteed one on one time with a chaplain each week during the chaplain’s weekly rounds.

  • Access to their chaplain 24/7 via phone through a toll free number.

  • Offsite care sessions for employees and their families. Chaplains don’t just care about the employees, they care about everyone the employee cares about, thus chaplaincy services are a family benefit not just an individual employee benefit.

  • Our ordained chaplains are licensed to conduct funerals and access clergy rights at hospitals and prisons in the state of Oklahoma.

  • Recommendations and referrals to health professionals and counselors.

  • Additional resources: chaplains have access to both print and digital media resources which they will provide.

What do employers get?

• Employers get a monthly progress report which contains the metrics data pertaining to the weekly rounds, care sessions, calls, and chaplaincy services. Confidential details of care sessions are not included in the report. The report is meant to keep owners and corporate leaders updated on their chaplain’s activities not the employees.

• Employers get the peace of mind that someone will be there for their employees when they face struggles in their lives. Every business owner and manager has watched an employee go through a crisis in life, and they often feel inadequately prepared to help. Chaplaincy steps in and assists business owners and executive leaders by helping their employees navigate through the personal and professional challenges of life. The lines between personal and professional relationships within the workplace often get blurred during times of personal crisis. Chaplaincy relieves owners, executives, and managers of the danger of crossing those lines.

• Additionally,CorporateChaplaincy has been proven to:

• lower turnover
• increase job satisfaction
• decrease tardiness & lower absenteeism
• increase employee productivity