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What is Veteran Chaplaincy Services?

VCS chaplains are all ordained ministers that are trained and prepared to help the employees that make up the workforce of America gain victory over life’s battles. 

NOT JUST FOR MILITARY VETERANS - Veteran Chaplaincy Services is a faith-based nonprofit organization that provides corporate chaplaincy to businesses. Our name has a dual meaning. First, all of our chaplains are “ministry veterans.” Our chaplains are licensed and ordained ministers with seminary training, theology degrees, and years of ministry experience. Second, our founder is a disabled United States Air Force veteran that served in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. VCS has chosen to designate proceeds from our organization to support various United States military veteran organizations. 

Employers providing chaplaincy services through VCS are not only helping their employees and their companies, they are also helping veterans and disabled veterans across the nation.



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Our Goals

To provide Quality Care

Our first goal will always be to provide quality care for the workforce of America through chaplaincy services that are proven to increase workplace morale and productivity. 

To Save money & To Save lives

With the rising cost of health care in America preventative health care measures have never been more important. Healthcare costs including the costs for mental health treatments are often unaffordable and avoided due to the social stigmas. Every employees mental health, emotional wellbeing, and spiritual state are intertwined. Chaplaincy meets the critical needs of employees when their struggles in life become too hard to bear alone. The small monthly chaplaincy services fee could literally save lives.

Healthy relationships between employees and their chaplain can make a positive impact on the employee’s lifestyle. Chaplains have helped with a variety of addiction issues. Chaplains have offered parental advice and resources. Chaplains are marriage mentors determined to help lower divorce rates.

It would be impossible to calculate just how much money chaplains have saved employees and employers especially concerning the rising costs of care and treatment for things like addictions, family crisis, and marriage struggles. 

To assist in suicide prevention

• Suicide rates are at a 30 year high.
• One person commits suicide every 15 minutes in  America.
• For every death resulting from suicide there are 25 attempted suicides.
• Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in America costing the US over $51 billion annually.
• Men commit suicide at a rate 3.5 times higher than women.
• White males account for 7 out of 10 suicide deaths.
• The highest rate of suicide is among middle aged men.

TO Provide 2 different views to chaplaincy

As an Eternal Investment
Our chaplains are all licensed and ordained Christian ministers.  The ultimate purpose of chaplaincy is to build relationships with employees that lead to spiritual conversations including an explanation of the Gospel and the potential salvation of the employee.  While a chaplain care session may provide temporal comfort and increase quality of life, true salvation by faith in Jesus Christ yields eternal life which is the greatest need of all humanity.

As a Vested Interest Investment
Common sense tells us that people are more productive when they are happy and when they enjoy their job.  Chaplaincy benefits both the employer and the employee for they both have a vested interest in their chaplain.  Vested interests are the special interests within a system that yields benefits.  The employee benefits from chaplaincy through the weekly rounds  and care sessions that improve quality of life and workplace morale.  The employer benefits from chaplaincy through the increase in workplace morale and productivity.

To supplement insurance

While chaplaincy organizations are not insurance companies, they do provide a similar service.  Chaplains are not licensed professional counselors, however, the role of a chaplain fills a critical role  in our society. A void exists between those who need mental health services and those who are actually benefiting from those services. A chaplain fills that gap by ministering to employees and their families by providing care sessions, and when needed refers individuals to heath care professionals. Corporate chaplaincy services should be viewed as a wellness benefit for employees similar to dental or vision coverage. The average cost to companies providing dental coverage is $30-$50 per month.  Chaplaincy services are billed like dental and other coverages.  Employers pay a flat rate of $19 to $29 per month for each employee. 

To fill the need for corporate Chaplaincy

Life is stressful and at times unbearable. Those within the workforce of America spend more time at work than anywhere else. Statistics show that over 70% of the workforce of America does not attend church on a regular basis nor do they have personal pastoral care. This is where corporate chaplaincy comes in to fill the gap.

Chaplains bring care and compassion into the workplace through weekly rounds. Chaplains build relationships with everyone from the CEO to the part time employees and interns. The chaplain-employee relationship meets a critical need in every employees life. Through that relationship chaplains provide caring services, emotional support, and spiritual advice. 



We’re all working together; that’s the secret.
— Sam Walton


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